Major Characters (in order of appearance):


Tobin has been living in Sky View for almost a year. He met the magnate of the city because of a confrontation between Tobin and someone who was suspicious of him rummaging around in alleys for broken furniture to fix and sell. Surprisingly, given his dour disposition, the magnate and his wife have taken Tobin under their collective wing.

Full name: Tobin of the Plains

Age: 26


The City of Sky View is governed by a group of eight elected men. Every two years, the Governors choose one of their number to be magnate. Leers currently holds this position. He is very careful about exercising his authority over the other governors, and acts primarily as a secretary or spokesman. He’s a jolly, voluble, and tolerant fellow. On the other hand, he’s a politician.

Full name: Leers of Eastseal

Age: 66


Older than his years, Malhauri is the Boss of a tribe of Kautsumn nomads. The position of “Boss” is only semi-official. He has no ability to enforce his decisions or administer justice. People listen to him because he is good in a crisis, hardworking, and savvy about the wider world. On the other hand, he’s impatient and can be oblivious to people’s feelings. He is Belaudda’s husband and Teleti’s uncle.

Full name: Malhauri (Malhauri’it) Tileet IqSelsie’et

A.K.A.: Hauri (to his wife)

Age: 26


The light behind Malhauri’s shadow, Belaudda is widely loved by her tribe for her wit, patience, and kindness. She takes trouble and hardship philosophically, but is also indecisive and avoids being in the thick of things when conflict is going on. Particularly skilled at divination, she is one of the tribe’s two witches. She is Malhauri’s wife and is expecting their first child.

Full name: Belaudda (Ee‘belaudda) Auoric IqRaumlin

A.K.A.: Bela (to many people)

Age: 27


Following custom, Teleti left her family’s tribe to find a path for herself and a group to permanently join, but isn’t having much luck. She has been travelling with her uncle Malhauri’s tribe for the past five months, without managing to impress anyone. Generally, she’s seen as unreliable, overly-sensitive, and somewhat lazy. Aware that she’s not making a positive impression, she goes to great trouble to be likeable—even resorting to bribery—and she’s just not sure why everything seems so easy to everyone else.

Full name: Teleti (Teleti’va) Kaumaad IqUldri

A.K.A.: Leti (rarely)

Age: 18


Whylon is the commander of the Redlander army force that is beseiging Sky View. His command unit is quite small, because the weight of the Redlander force is entenched against the Khitish about 200 miles away. His name is well known among the troops, due to a crucible incident where he and a few others turned captors into allies--allies who now supply the Redlanders with a nearly limitless supply of gunpowder, though a deal brokered on unknown terms. He has not been in command long, and his men are uncertain how to take his idiosycratic manner--which is by turns tyrannical, dispossessingly jovial, and philosophical.

Full name: Commander Whylon Aakrin

Age: 37


Gramli joined the army very young, to give his parents the rights to live, and farm, on one of the defended Redlander Islands. He is exceptionally sincere and trusting, and very willing to follow orders. His six years in the service of the Redlands have not gone well for him, though, as those six years saw some of the worst fighting in living memory.  He has developed a jumpy disposition, a habit of sleeplessness, and a wide variety of superstitions and (apparently) irrational fears. He doesn't talk about what's troubling him, but is undoubtedly scarred by what he has experienced, and worst of that may or may not include the partial amputation of his right leg.

Full name: Gramli Hetarr

Age: 20



Prace'ic is the son of the current Boss of the lowland Kautsumn tribe. At six and a half feet tall, he's something of a gentle giant, a poet, and a careful thinker. He is easily led by other quicker-opinioned people, right up until he finally makes up his mind.

Full name:  Prace'ic (Ta-Prace'ic) Aundry IqNausette

Age: 18



Appartently a Khitish woman, Vhy has been travelling with the lowland Kautsumney tribe for several weeks without (being able to?) speak to anyone. The tribe's tolerance, curiousity, and rules of hospitality mean she has been, if nto welcomed, at least un-grudgingly tolerated. She is extremely curious about the kautsu birds and about Kautsumn lifestyle in general. She camps alone and invites herself more-or-less randomly when people go on hunting or scouting trips. She first appeared she had a fading black-eye and has obviously broken her nose at some point.

Full name: Vhy <why-are-you-asking>

Age: 32


The wife of Leers, the magnate of Sky View, Leersi's early life was a tragic one. She and her family came to Sky View as refugees. Her parents were renowned musicians. Her siblings died, variously, from war, plague, and drug overdose. Her parents both died sudden and untimely deaths, one immediately after the other, when she at the cusp of adulthood. Almost forty years his junior, she married Leers shortly thereafter. She has a great interest in gossip (especially salacious or grim gossip) and a great interest in promoting social welfare. It was she that encouraged Leers to take an interest in Tobin, and when she takes an interest it's difficult to say whether she is motivated by frivlous or altruistic motives.

Full name: Leersi Eastseal

Age: 29


(Currently) Minor Characters:


Faurokee IqQuihstil (A.K.A. Fauro): A new member of Malhauri’s tribe and the trapper’s apprentice. Teleti owes him a jug of something.

Horan Aakrin: A soldier in teh Redlander army. A prankster with a stormcloud over his head.

Craymin Dovod: Often pulled semi-willingly into Horan's pranks. Tries to make sure things don't get too out of hand.

Rhodanna IqLauntat: A quick-tempered young woman from the lowland Kautsumn tribe.

Kaudin IqKautsumn: A bit of a blowhard and clown from the lowland tribe. It is unknown how seriously he takes himself. Of unknown parentage--hence his surname, which means: "child of our people."

Nausette IqHaulat'ic: Boss of the lowland tribe and a relative of Bela. Doesn't mince words.

"Cutter": Not yet seen. Legendary among Commander Whylon's men, Cutter is (supposedly) an officer of the Redlander army, a longtime associate of Whylon's, and takes pleasure in duties which involve the cruelest treatment of comrades and enemies alike.

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