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Ninabird writes:

“Wing Loading”


There is a very good reason why Ruby Eye is not able to take off while carrying Teleti.

Ninabird writes:

“Grand Opening!*”


*until I decide to redo everything again.

We have a custom layout, provided, at great effort by Ninabird's brother! We have cast, about, and contact pages! More is still coming (apart from new pages, but you knew that). Next, we will have an ethnographic report section of the about page--going to a bit more detail about the cultures of Shifting Land and a downloadble toy!*

*will require paper and a printer.

Ninabird writes:

“Shifting Land Begins”


Hi! Right, so, I want to introduce myself to you (the silent, amorphous, lidless, internet emptiness). My name is Ninabird, and I'm the writer and illustrator of this graphic novel. I have no qualifications of any kind. The website for Shifting Land (that's here!) is still beta-testing; you can expect the layout and even the appearance of the previous comics (size, font, etc.) to change slightly throughout the next few weeks, before I settle, randomly, on whatever it happens to look like when I'm done tinkering with it.

You can also expect an "about" page, archive page, characters page, and things of those natures to appear probably soon. Ish. I'll announce a "grand opening" when I judge everything to be complete. Please comment if you have any suggestions for formatting ...or for any reason! To inject some certainty, what you can rely on is for the comic to update every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 am (PST). No exeptions ...unless something comes up.

No, seriously, I have about three months' worth of pages as a buffer, so I can relatively securely make this promise to you, the silent, amorphous, lidless, internet emptieness. BTW, now that we're acquianted, may I call you Salie for short?

Last, as an ice-breaker, here's a video of crows being clever.

Witness crows being clever.

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